Voluptuous young woman enjoying pleasurable massage

The voluptuous young woman lay on the table, every inch of her body urging for the massage to begin. The massage therapist expertly ran her warm hands over the woman's body, setting off waves of pleasure with every touch. This indulgent experience was like nothing the young woman had ever experienced before. The full curves of her body seemed to respond as the massage) therapist moved down her back and over her thighs. Her voluptuousness seemed to intensify the pleasure in a way she hadn't anticipated. The [...] gentle strokes of the therapist hand sent ripples of pleasure coursing through her body as the massage intensified and the loofahs rubbed her skin in the most pleasurable way. When the massage finally stopped, the young woman felt rejuvenated and relaxed, her body elated with the pleasure she'd experienced. All she wanted to do now was lay there and enjoy the sensations that the massage's pleasurable touch had left in its wake.

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