Voluptuous woman sensuously licking her own chest

It was a warm night, and she wanted something special. So, she decided to seduce herself. She closed her eyes, imagining a voluptuous figure touching her own body. With her eyes still closed, she started to explore her curves, running her hands along her body. She became more aroused knowing that it was her own touch sending her body into a sensation so exquisite. She moved her hands down sensually, following the curves of her form. She eventually found her chest and began to delicately lick her skin. Her tongue left a path of heat, tugging and teasing everywhere. She felt a feeling of passion and pleasure like never before, insatiable in its intensity. Her hands were now all over her body, as her lips traced a path around her neck to her chest. She licked over her peaks, feeling her body quiver and quench with pleasure. The voluptuousness of the woman she had created out of her own imagination had transformed her into a goddess of arousal. She explored her body, temptation intoxicating her further and further every minute until finally, she could no longer resist the pleasure she was feeling.

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