Voluptuous woman embracing her curvaceous body

She ran her hands down her voluptuous body, reveling in the curves of her form. She felt aroused as she embraced her own femininity. She felt her body move and sway, her voluptuousness tugging her from all sides. Looking in the mirror, she admired her body and each curve it had. She wanted to feel the caress of a lover against her ample surface, the attentions of someone who loved her curves as much as she did. When she stepped out of the shower, she felt the electricity radiating off her body. She wanted to experience the pleasure of being embraced by someone, feeling the voluptuous curves of her two bodies connecting. She felt the energy course through her and imagined a lover's lips wrapping around her ample breasts. Filled with a newfound confidence in her body, she felt a delicious sensation of pleasure. She appreciated the voluptuousness of her frame and felt ready to feel the touch of a lover, ready to experience the exquisite pleasure of embracing her curvaceous body with someone else.

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