Voluptuous plus-sized woman pleasuring her lush curves in a sensual manner

Julia gazed into the mirror, her voluptuous curves calling out to be loved. She admired the lush roundness of her belly and hips, gently caressing them in a sensuous manner. She slowly made her way up her body, running her fingers across her ample bosom. She felt her nipples harden beneath her touch, stimulating her even further. Feeling emboldened, she allowed her hands to make their way back down her body, revelling in the feel of her own skin. She stopped at her hips, running her fingers downwards in slow circles until she arrived between her legs. She moaned in pleasure, as her voluptuous curves quivered beneath her caress. With each stroke, she felt her arousal increasing, until finally her entire body was engulfed in waves of pleasure. She had pleasured her body in this manner for many years now, and she still couldn't believe how delicious it felt to embrace the beauty of her curves. She kissed the mirror, a satisfied smile on her face, as she revelled in the pleasure derived from her voluptuous body.

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