Voluptuous plus-size girl passionately fingering herself

Maya could only think about one thing in the middle of the night. She lay in bed knowing it was wrong, yet she felt drawn to it. She was a voluptuous plus-size girl, and she had a desire that until now she had dared not fulfil. Her slender fingers made their way to her waist, feeling her soft and plush curves. She let out a little moan of pleasure as her hand travelled even lower, exploring her most intimate area. Slowly and passionately, Maya began to finger herself, allowing a wave of pleasure to wash over her as her hips lifted with the motion of her hand. She knew it was wrong but it felt so right. Her voluptuous curves gently heaved as her pleasure heightened. With a loud sigh that echoed in the room, Maya reached the peak of her climax, her fingers clinging to her waist as she melted into a blissful state of satisfaction.

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