Voluptuous girls playfully fondling each other's breasts

The voluptuous girls could hardly contain their desire for each other. As they touched and caressed each other, their eyes met with passion. Their hands explored each other's voluptuous curves, eventually coming to rest on their breasts. Their soft hands fondled one another's mounds with exquisite pleasure, melting into each other with every touch and lick. They felt their pleasure build as their breasts grew more and more sensitive to each others' touch. The girls couldn't stop their desire for one another, and finally lost themselves in an embrace. The voluptuousness of their bodies seemed to meld into one, their breasts pressing tight against one another. The two aroused bodies held one another in a passionate embrace as they succumbed to their pleasure. They continued to fondle each other, reveling in their voluptuousness as they explored each other further.

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