Voluptuous girls engage in saucy foreplay, teasing big breasts

Candy and Jane were two voluptuous playmates who loved nothing more than engaging in saucy foreplay between them. They let their hands and lips roam each other's bodies, exploring every curve they could find. Everywhere they touched, they left trails of teasing desire and excitement. No part of their bodies was off-bounds, and when their hands reached their bountiful chests Jane and Candy moaned in pleasure. They squeezed, caressed and nipped the big breasts that they both loved and desired. Everywhere they touched they could feel a surge of electricity between them. They gave into the pleasure that the saucy foreplay provided, sending them both into an ecstatic trance. As they both felt the electricity and overwhelming sensations between them they kissed and cuddled until they were lost in pleasure. Voluptuous girls engaging in saucy foreplay certainly knew how to have fun!

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