Voluptuous girl pleasuring herself with a toy

April was an incredibly curvy girl who loved pleasing herself. She enjoyed the power she experienced when she used a variety of toys to explore her voluptuous body. This particular night, she was seeking something special. She had acquired a particularly satisfying toy and she was curious to try it out. April couldn't wait to feel the pleasure that it could bring her. April began to caress her taut nipples as she inserted the large, hard toy inside of her. It filled her, giving her an almost overwhelming sensation of pleasure. She arched her back as the toy stretched her voluptuous body and pleasured her insides. April gasped in pleasure as her curves shook and her voluptuous body convulsed with pure pleasure. The toy was truly giving her that special something that she craved. In the end, April collapsed in satisfaction, her voluptuous body feeling completely sated.

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