Voluptuous fatty indulges in self-pleasure with vibrator

Voluptuous fatty Emma had been feeling particularly naughty of late, so when her vibrator arrived in the mail, she jumped at the chance to indulge in some self-pleasure. She ran her lush, voluptuous body over her large bed, carrying the vibrator with her wherever she went. She could feel her curves swelling in anticipation as she approached her bed. She lay down and pulled the vibrator closer to her, admiring its voluptuous shape. Almost immediately she could feel her skin buzzing with pleasure as she switched it on. Emma closed her eyes and let out a moan as she felt the vibrator's powerful vibrations caressing her body. Every inch of her voluptuous frame was now alive with pleasure, as her fingers moved the vibrator in perfect harmony with her body's rhythm. The sensation was overwhelming, as Emma threw her head back and let out an ecstatic gasp. She was lost in total pleasure, as the vibrator quickly took her to the highest heights of self-pleasure.

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