Voluptuous fat girls engage in steamy lesbian action

Mandy and Joelle were two voluptuous fat girls who had been admiring each other from afar for some time. Both had been curious and pent-up with their desires; they finally decided to take action. On a steamy evening, they rendezvoused and were overwhelmed with passion and longing. As they embraced, their sumptuous curves pressed against each other, taking in the warmth and pleasurable sensation. They tasted each other's lips and gasped with joy, exploring each others bodies with voluptuous fingers, their desire mounting. The walls of the bedroom shook with their tender lovemaking. Entangled in each other, they pleasured one another by their voluptuous fat bodies, in a variety of steamy positions, until both were completely spent. Mandy and Joelle both felt entirely satisfied, and knew they would be coming back for more sensual action.

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