Voluptuous chubby girl sensually posing on bed

She had always known her body was not perfect according to the beauty standards she was supposed to fulfill. But she never let that bring her down. She felt confident and beautiful. Even more so when she was in her bedroom, wearing her favourite lingerie. She looked at herself in the mirror and had no words for how stunning she was. Her curves were lush and inviting, her voluptuous and ample body tempting. She began to run her hands over her body, feeling each swell of her body sensually. She sat on the bed, Every movement feeling more and more intoxicating as the anticipation slowly built up inside of her. She uncrossed her legs, and noticed the seductive pose she was in. She licked her lips and imagined someone opposite her, enjoying the view of her chubby frame. She continued to take every moment in, loving how powerful and attractive she felt.

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