Voluptuous chubby girl passionately masturbating

Abby was voluptuous and chubby in all the right places. She loved her curves and explored them in new and creative ways every night. She often found herself in her bedroom, lying on her bed, undressing. With her vibrator in her trembling hand, she'd begin her sensual journey of self-discovery. The feeling of the buzzing vibrator against her skin sent her into a blissful state which she could feel all the way through her core. She moved it in circles, up and down, across and back, the hum of the device bringing her closer and closer pleasure. With each motion she felt herself become more and more aroused and the intensity of her pleasure multiplied. When Abby finally released herself, she let out a satisfied gasp of pleasure. It was a moment of pure ecstasy, a moment that she knew she'd remember forever; a voluptuous chubby girl passionately masturbating.

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