Voluptuous BBW seductively takes off lingerie

Gently, he watched as she slowly began to slip out of the voluptuous lingerie encasing her curves. Her full, bursting body was something he couldn't ignore. She flashed him a teasing glance, as if beckoning him closer. As the lingerie fell to the ground, every inch of her curves were visible and exquisite. His gaze lingered on her voluptuous figure, his eyes saucily traveling up and down her body. When he finally reached her eyes, a fire ignited within him, urging him to take her in his arms and make her his. She stepped back and in a graceful, fluid movement, placed her hands on the delicate fabric still binding her body. One by one, the tantalizing fabric teased him, adding giant strokes of flames to the fire already burning. The lingerie finally fully removed, all the features of her body became exposed, and his need for her became unbearable. He stepped closer and whispered in her ear "I can't resist you, my voluptuous BBW, I have to make you mine".

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