Voluptuous BBW licking her lover's neck passionately

The voluptuous BBW leaned into her lover's neck, sending shivers of delight through his body. Her tongue circled around his neck hungrily as she heard his moan of pleasure in delight. She felt a tightness grow in her chest as her nipples became hard under her lingerie. Taking in the scent of her lover, the BBW smiled in delight as she continued to passionately kiss and lick his neck. She felt her craving grow and she pressed her voluptuous body even deeper into his, her ample curves melting into him. The BBW heard him groan even louder as she trailed her fingers lightly down his neck, exploring and caressing the place her lips could no longer reach. Kissing her way back up to his ear, the BBW whispered her desire for him before passionately biting and licking his neck one last time.

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