Two BBW girls kissing passionately, exploring each other's curves

Annabeth and Abbie had been friends for what seemed like a lifetime. But today, something was different. They met for coffee, but the attraction that bubbled between them could not be ignored. As they gazed into each other's eyes, they knew what had to be done. They moved towards each other and their BBW curves magnified the intimacy of the kiss. As the kiss deepened, their curves explored one another with melting touches. Annabeth brought Abbie close to her for a tighter embrace. Abbie loved the feeling of Annabeth's ample curves against her own body and deepened the kiss which gave them both sensations that could only be described as electric. They pulled away, reluctantly. Somehow, their souls had just become a little bit closer. They looked at each other, eyes still burning with intensity, and smiled, knowing that their curves would soon explore each other passionately again.

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