Provocative busty girls posing seductively in lingerie

Sadie and Contessa were two beautiful, busty girls with never-ending curves. They often teased each other with seductive looks, winking and smirking. This time, however, they decided to take the teasing even further. The two girls snuck into Sadie's bedroom, eyes sparkling with ill intent. They quickly changed into the skimpy lingerie they had bought for this special occasion. With alluring smiles, they started to pose in front of a mirror, watching their own bodies with satisfaction. Contessa grabbed her ample bust with both hands and twirled her hips in a provocative manner. Sadie joined in, her pose even more daring. They were about to kiss when a knock on the door startled them. Blushing, they quickly changed back and opened the door with a smile. All teasing forgotten, they went back to their normal lives, dreaming of what could have been.

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