Plump woman sensuously posing in lingerie

Alice was the proud owner of curvaceous figure that would stop traffic, her lush curves simply refused to hide beneath any piece of clothing. It was with immense delight that she explored her newfound love of lingerie, each delicate piece adorning her body like a work of art. She admired the way her ample bosom filled up the lacy cups, the way her plump hips swelled beyond the tiny waistband. Entranced by the sight of her own sensuity, Alice slowly swirled and swayed to a silent rhythm, the delicate silk and lace dusting her skin with heat. Taking her time, she posed and preened for her own delight, pleasure rippling through her body as though she was making love to herself. The voluptuous woman knew that she was desirable, the sight of her plump figure in lingerie only served to make Alice more confident in her own skin.

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