Plump woman in provocative lingerie passionately licking popsicle

Nina was a plump, voluptuous woman, well aware of how powerfully she affected people with her beauty. She owned a few pieces of enticing lingerie that she loved to wear to tantalize her lovers. Tonight, she was feeling particularly naughty so she put on her richest purple silk that showed off her curves while revealing just enough to make a man weak in the knees. She grabbed a popsicle from the fridge and lay back on the bed, puckering her lips around the sweet treat and puckering her tongue out to catch every drop. She savored the flavor, letting out a little moan as she licked long and languorously around the cold treat, making her already swollen lips look even more provocative. As she licked, she imagined her lover joining her, his head buried between her plump legs, savoring her sweetness as intently as she savored the popsicle. The thought made Nina shiver and feel heat between her legs that begged to be touched. She licked one last time and sat up determined to find her very own popsicle tonight.

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