Plump ladies explore and pleasure each other

Two plump ladies, Gwendolyn and Jenna, met on a secluded beach. Their ample physiques and voluptuous curves were impressive, even moreso as Gwendolyn looked mischievously up at Jenna, licking her lips. Desparate to explore each other's bounteous forms, they stripped off their clothes and then proceeded to dance around each other as their ample bodies visibly enjoyed the pleasure of the moment. Gwendolyn moved gradually closer and rubbes her plump form around Jenna's, causing Jenna to close her eyes and gasp with pleasure from the sensation their bodies were creating. Gwendolyn whispered wickedly in her ear to continue and Jenna eagerly complied. One by one, the two women's plump bodies explored and pleasured each other until their bliss was finally achieved. As they collapsed into a cuddle, all they could hear were the waves sliding onto the shore and their laughter echoing in the air.

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