Plump girls in passionate embrace, kissing and caressing each other in pleasure

The two girls, Jody and Donna, were plump but not in a bad way. They were round and soft and kissed each other with an unabashed, passionate embrace. Jody was a picture of pure desire, as Donna caressed her with her voluptuous body. Jody moaned in pleasure as Donna's caresses spread through her entire being. Donna explored the curves of Jody's body, and felt the warmth radiating from them, making her aroused beyond compare. They kissed passionately for what felt like hours, each one trying to outdo the other in pleasure. The softness of Donna's breasts brushing against Jody's skin caused her to moan in ecstasy and arch her back in pleasure. She felt herself ready to burst in pleasure, while Donna's kisses sent shivers down her spine. The two plump girls stayed entwined in each other's embrace, caressing when they could and sharing with each other the pleasure and passionate kisses of love. In that moment, they knew they would stay together indefinitely.

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