Plump girls enjoying naughty fun Kissing, licking, and more

Gently, Anna and Michelle embraced in the darkness of the bedroom. The moonlight spilled through the curtains and washed over them as they clung together. The plumpness of their curves entwined, and the smell of their arousal filled the room. Anna pressed her lips against Michelle's, her tongue slipping between her lips as their tongues danced and explored each other. Moans of passion and lust escaped them as they reluctantly pulled away. Michelle brushed her fingertips down Anna's soft ribs and hips, licking her way down to her navel. Anna gasped as her tongue plunged into her and heat began to pool between her thighs. She pushed Michelle onto the bed, kissing her way down her body. She explored her, licking and sucking, until Michelle was a trembling mess beneath her. Anna moved back up and pushed her thigh between Michelle's. With one hand behind her head and the other one fondling her breast, she devoured her with kisses, their tongues clashing in hot abandon. The naughty fun was far from over.

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