Plump girl seductively stripping for camera

The plump girl sat before the camera with her hands in her lap, her eyes cast downward. Her cheeks were like roses and her breasts were like two luscious melons. Slowly she began to unbuckle her belt and seductively slide it from her curves, teasing her audience. The room filled with tension as the girl inched closer to the lens, her toned hips and round backside framed perfectly. She raised her wide hips and began sliding her tight jeans down, each motion more alluring and inviting than the last. The camera rolled as the girl finished discarding her clothing, rising from the chair in all her glory. Her plump curves glowed in the light, the alluring lines of her curves only widening her audience’s craving. With a infectious smile, the girl winked and beckoned, ending the tantalizing strip tease.

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