Plump blonde spreading her legs for pleasure

Marielle’s body quivered with delight as she spread her legs wide. She was voluptuous - her curves covered in golden locks of silky blonde hair. Her skin was creamy white, perfectly smooth like a porcelain doll, except for her womanly curves. As she lay, she relished the sensation of the cool air caressing her exposed flesh. Her pink folds slowly parted, allowing a tingle of pleasure to course through her veins. With her chest heaving, Marielle’s breath came faster as her desire heightened. She felt a driving need for release, and let her hand slide down her body. As she began to pleasurably caress herself, her plump figure tipped forward, her curves screaming out for more. Marielle welcomed the waves of pleasure that spread across her body, her plump blonde form exhaling in pleasure.

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