Plump BBW woman seductively pleasuring herself

She was a plump woman, voluptuous and beautiful in all her curves. Her BBW body was deliciously ample, her pouty lips the picture of seduction. She stood before the mirror, desirous of her own touch. Taking her soft hands, she playfully teased her most vulnerable areas. Her nipples hardened against the insistent rub of her fingers. Her loins quivered as she brought her own pleasure. Her breath quickened, urgent now, as her hand found its way down her generous stomach and grazed against her secret desire. She gasped as she pleasured herself, wanting more, her curves begging for attention. Aching for ecstasy, she crested, waves of pleasure undulating through her body like vibrations of delight. Then, content, she floated into a blissful sleep as her plump body sang of satisfaction.

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