Panting, overweight girl engaged in vigorous intercourse

The girl lay on the bed, her curves accentuated and her plumpness embraced by the purple-hued sheets. Her breathing was frantic, a sure sign of the vigorous intercourse in which she was engaged. As her partner pounded away, his muscles rippling with the effort, she felt her heart pounding against her ribs; heavily, uneven. Sweat beaded her forehead as she was pushed closer to the edge, and each thrust they shared sent her excitement higher. The girl's panting quickened as his thrusts became faster, deeper. His hand clasped her waist, his fingers pressing against her curves as he attempted to keep her from slipping away from him. Clometimes her heavy body lifted off the bed, skittering across the mattress with each movement. Panting and moaning, the girl gripped the edge of the sheets for support. Until finally she was consumed in a frenzy of pleasure, and the couple's need for each other was finally fulfilled.

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