Nude chubby girl lounging sensually on bed

Mariah was a chubby beauty that loved to lounge in the bedroom. She was often found amongst the bed sheets, her bodacious curves covered only by a thin piece of lingerie. Her milky, luminescent skin glowed in the gentle light of the bedroom. The way she stretched out across the bed always made for a tantalizing sight. She moved sensually, her curves jiggling delightfully as she tugged on the straps of her lingerie, getting comfortable. As she relaxed, she closed her eyes and imagined her lover touching her body, exploring her chubby frame with caressing touches and gentle kisses. The tantalizing thought made it hard for Mariah to keep still, and she yearned to be taken in a frenzy of passion. But all she could do for now was to remain in her dream-like state, and savour the sensation of lounging in such an inviting manner. Her chubby frame remained nude and tantalizing.

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