Lusciously voluptuous girl enjoys pleasurable self-love

A lusciously voluptuous girl laid in her bed, relishing in her pleasurable self-love. She took pleasure in the soft feel of her pillow and the soft embrace of her sheets that seemed to caress her skin lightly and lovingly. Her body vibrated to each touch as an aching pleasure filled her. She explored her curves and fell in love with them all over again, each touch bringing new sensations to her pleasure. Her fingers traveled up and down her sides and hips, lapping up the luscious, soft feel of her body. The vibrations increased as she touched herself in her most intimate of places. Her breath hitched and a moan escaped her throat as she surrendered to wave after wave of pleasurable sensations. She felt pure and complete. Self-love is something that she relished whole-heartedly, and embraced her beautiful curves with love and appreciation.

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