Large, voluptuous woman performing seductive striptease

Rosa was a sultry, voluptuous woman with curves that filled out her clothing in all the right places. She walked into the room and all eyes were upon her. She was ready to perform her seductive striptease. Slowly, she began to sway her hips, all the while her eyes panned around the room, watching the transfixed faces. One by one, she started to slip away the pieces of clothing that clung to her curves, gradually revealing her gorgeous body. One by one, her voluptuous assets were unveiled to the greedy onlookers. Rosa was in her element. She was tantalizingly taking away her clothes and had immense satisfaction from the undivided attention she was receiving. Rosa finished her seductive striptease and as she passed everyone in the room, they were acutely aware of her large, voluptuous body and the sexual energy she had left lingering in the air.

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