Large, voluptuous woman enjoying intimate pleasure

Tara was a large, voluptuous woman who had always been told that her curves were her best asset. She liked to take the time to pleasure herself and could never understand why some beautiful women shied away from intimate pleasures. Tonight she was going to be extra daring. She carefully lit some candles and drew the curtains before she peeled away her clothes. She was conscious of her figure as she lay upon her bed, allowing her curves to be illuminated by the flickering light of the candles. With her fingertips lightly skimming her body, Tara was quickly enveloped by an electric warmth that moved through her body. Her voluptuous curves moved in tandem with her soft moans, undulating faster and faster as the intensity grew. Tara felt the pleasure reaching a crescendo, and for a few blissful moments she was enveloped in her own intimate pleasure. When it was done, Tara closed her eyes, her large, voluptuous body sated as she drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

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