Large, nude girl engaging in passionate foreplay

Main character, Natalie, was a tall and curvy woman that exuded femininity. She was feeling especially frisky one afternoon and her lover couldn't help but be drawn in by her charms. Natalie lured him closer while she began to undress, letting her garments drop slowly to the floor so as to tantalize him. Their bodies melded together as they embraced in passion and pushed each other ever deeper into pure bliss. His hands traveled hungrily over Natalie’s nude body as her soft moans of pleasure filled the room. His caress became more intense as their foreplay moved into a different gear. Natalie’s movements grew increasingly frenetic as each new wave of pleasure rose within her, and her wildly passionate responses drove her lover into a frenzy. The two shared a wild night of pure pleasure, and their robust embrace finally ended in sated exhaustion.

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