Large girl seductively poses in revealing lingerie

Janet stood in front of the mirror admiring her curves. Her voluptuous body was accentuated perfectly in her new lacy lingerie set. She raised her chin and struck a pose, each movement radiating sensuality. She had always been considered a large girl, but she'd never felt more powerful and attractive. Taking one final glance in the mirror, Janet stepped out of her bedroom. At the bottom of the stairs, her husband had just arrived and their eyes met. She moved slowly, her hips swaying seductively as she approached him. His eyes widened as he took in her voluptuous form, and the look in his eyes showed his appreciation. She could see his desire and smiled confidently. Janet leaned in close and whispered, "Does this revealing lingerie have you feeling a little bit naughty?" His answer was a passionate kiss. For the rest of the night, Janet would be in control, enjoying her newfound confidence and seductive ability.

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