Large girl enjoys sensual solo pleasure

Nina was a large woman with curves in all the right places. She enjoyed every inch of her body and loved to find new ways to enjoy it. She took particular pleasure in exploring her own sensuality in the comfort of her room. Using a mirror to admire herself, she touched and caressed her full breasts and large curves. She enjoyed every bit of it, taking pleasure in her own delight. The sensation of her own fingertips was enhanced by a soft, velvet-like cloth that moved in swirls and circles around her body. Sometimes. Nina liked to simply lie in bed and enjoy her own pleasure. She closed her eyes and imagined a lover, someone to explore all the secrets of her sensuality. Her body ached for it and her imagination soared as she imagined the experience of being pleasured. Nina loved her sensual enjoyments and the pleasure she found in her own body. It made her feel alive and powerful, knowing how she could excite and tantalize herself.

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