Large breasted girls in passionate embrace

The whispers between them were punctuated by gasps as they broke apart, only to come together again in passionate embrace. His hands slid against her voluptuous curves, cupping the large breasts that he had been dreaming of for so long. She sighed with pleasure as he caressed her and ran his hands down to her hips, pressing her closer to himself. He leaned in and kissed her, hard and deep, exploring her body with his hands and mouth as they sank into each other. The intensity was palpable, and with every caress he felt her breasts become fuller against him. He loved the way her skin felt against his, the velvety smoothness of her curves and the delicious tightness between them. Finally they broke apart, each of them trembling with pleasure. He took her in his arms and held her tightly, their large breasts warming together in a passionate embrace. They would stay this way for a little while, savoring the moment before they said goodnight and parted, still lost in the sweet taste of love.

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