Heavy voluptuous girl posing provocatively

She stood before him, heavy and voluptuous in all the right places. Her gaze was provocatively inviting and set his heart racing. He walked closer, his gaze lingering on her curves. Seeing his desire, she inched closer and nimbly pulled his shirt off. He traced the contours of her body, his hands going from heavy and voluptuous mounds to the curves of her waist. She encircled his neck with her hands and pulled him close, their lips meeting in a provocative kiss. His hands moved to her hips, picking her up and carrying her to the bed. She laid down, heavy and voluptuous, invitingly lifting her hips to him. His hands moved further down, one resting on her hips and the other satisfied and voluptuous curves of her breasts. He kissed her passionately, as his desire grew and he entered her. The waves of pleasure cascaded over them, heavy and voluptuous in all the right places, as they made love. They stayed entwined until the twilight turned into night, her soft curves and enticing body providing him with unforgettable passion.

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