Heavy girl performing self-pleasuring act with vibrator

Mary was a heavy and voluptuous woman with ample curves dangerous to turn any man's head. She wanted no man in her life, no one but her own capable hands to caress her body. In the privacy of her own bedroom, she reached for her trusty vibrator. She took it in her hands and sighed with pleasure as the vibrations and pulsations started to travel throughout her frame. Mary leaned back into her sheets and purred, while the vibrator performed unspeakable acts upon her body. Waves of pleasure rippled throughout her heavy body, and her movements became increasingly passionate. She threw her head back in delight as the vibrator contentedly hummed away. Passion was rising within her, until she erupted in the throes of exquisite pleasure that only self-pleasuring could bring. She flopped back and sighed as the last ripples of pleasure left her body, before once again turning to her trusty vibrator. Her heavy body hummed with satisfaction, her luscious curves trembling with pleasure. She reached for her vibrator once more, ready to experience the joys of self-pleasuring again.

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