Fat woman enjoying pleasure with vibrator

Penelope was a beautiful, thick woman who loved indulging in her own pleasure. She loved exploring new ways of feeling ecstasy and one of her favorite toys was her vibrator. One night as she lay on her bed she turned it on and let out a sigh of delight as it sent waves of pleasure through her body. She savored the sensation that crawled and tingled up her spine as she positioned it just right, pushing it deep inside her. In no time at all, she felt alive with delight as she explored the different settings of the vibrator. Faster and faster the vibrations went, pushing her closer and closer to that special level of pleasure. Penelope never thought she was capable of experiencing pleasure like this. She felt powerful and in control as she used the vibrator to bring her to a place of pure bliss. This was her own unique pleasure, one she'd found pleasure in discovering. Penelope was definitely a fan of her vibrator.

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