Fat girl seductively licking her fingers after eating cream cake

Anna licked her fingers softly, eyelids heavy from want. She had just finished eating her favourite cream cake, and noticed that her dress fitted tighter around her curves. As the fat girl adjusted the fabric, a feeling of comfort and satisfaction surged through her body. She couldn't help but lick her lips and caress her body in admiration of her femininity, while seductively arching her back, pushing her curves out in all of its voluptuous glory. The man across the room caught his breath, mesmerised by the way her body moved. Anna slowly, seductively came towards him and plonked herself onto his lap. The girl leaned in close and whispered in his ear, her warm breath tickling the nape of his neck. Anna knew the delicious cream cake was only the beginning of sweet pleasure, and she wanted to show him just how much pleasure this fat girl can give.

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