Fat girl gets naughty in provocative lingerie

Celia was always the bigger girl in school, she felt ashamed of her body and never like to stand out. But something stirred inside of her tonight, she felt naughty and wanted to show her curves in a way she never had before. She decided to go wild and bought a provocative lingerie set. Celia stepped out of the changing room and suddenly felt confident than ever before. Her curves looked so incredibly sexy in the naughty lingerie. She looked down and smiled, feeling proud of herself. The fabric hugged her curves and clung to her body in a way that made her heart race. The fabric felt great against her skin, and as she moved around her curves shimmered in the light. Celia felt so naughty and alive, like a sexy devil. She looked around and saw everyone was looking her admiring the beauty of her curves. Celia had never felt this sexy in her life before!

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