Fat girl enjoying oral pleasure in bed

The voluptuous curves of her body drove him wild with desire. She lay in bed, the sheets barely covering her ample frame as his hands slowly explored her soft flesh. His wandering fingers dipped lower and lower, searching out her sweetest spot, sending her shuddering whenever he brushed the tender, pink flesh. He paused, grinning up at her before tracing a wet, warm path with his tongue, bringing her an intense pleasure she had never known before. She gasped as his tongue flicked circles around her most sensitive area, then grew louder as his hands moved higher along her body. He brought her climax with slow, steady circles of his tongue, the sensations overwhelming her as she reached the peak. She panted beneath him, her body trembling with one last wave of pleasure. He smiled up at her, knowing he had just given her the best oral pleasure of her life.

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