Diminutive fat girl sensually licking a lollipop

The little girl was no bigger than an infant, her petite frame encased in a soft layer of baby fat. She shuffled into the candy shop with wide, wrinkled eyes and a satisfied smile, her eyes gleaming hungrily as she stared at the overly large cupcake pinwheel, before finally settling on a lollipop. Taking the treat between her nimble fingers, she slowly and sensually licked the sweet sugar-coated treat. The innocent sensuality of her motion drew the attention of a customer at the counter, intrigued by the girl's actions and drawn in by the soft curve of her petite body. Her skin glowed beneath the dim, sultry light of the store, the little tummy beneath her dress belly dancing as her lips moved slowly and teasingly against the heat of the lollipop. The customer couldn't help but feel a special connection with the young girl. Despite her diminutive size, her actions oozed pure, raw sensuality - something he hadn't ever felt before. The little girl continued to lick and savor her lollipop, slowly yet tantalizingly, taking her time - taking her time to enjoy the sweetness of life.

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