Curvy girl passionately posing in lingerie

The curvy girl was draped in her favorite lingerie, the fabric exquisitely outlining her soft curves. She knew he hadn't seen her in anything like this before, and the thought of it made her pulse quicken. She struck a pose, feeling powerful and confident, reveling in her own curves. Her eyes drifted shut as she felt the heat of him looking over her. His passionate gaze roamed her body and lingered on each curve, igniting sensations deep in her soul. She longed to feel his hands caressing those curves, responding to his touch just as passionately as he responded to her. He stepped closer and slid his hands around her waist, the warmth radiating through her lingerie and setting her skin aflame. She gasped as he kissed the back of her neck, lingering in all the right places. His tender caresses seemed to bring out her own curves and she leaned into him, savoring the moment they shared.

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