Curvy girl passionately licking her fingers teasingly

She was a curvy girl, her body curving in all the right places and shifting enticingly in an alluring dance. Her hands were just as enticing, delicately licked by her full pink lips. She looked up and met his gaze, her lips curving in the most mischievous of smiles while she continued teasingly licking her delectable fingers. He could only watch in awe, his desire burning bright, deep within his loins. The sight of her was too much for him. Taking his hand, she brought his fingertip to her mouth and began to stroke it with her tongue, rending a deep moan from within him. She dipped her head, exploring her own body with her fingertips as she teasingly licked her curvy curvature. He could feel himself getting closer to the edge, flames of passion licking their way up his body. She continued to lick her fingers, and the sensation was too much for him, as he finally let go and let his inhibitions fly free. As his body trembled with pleasure, she looked up and smiled, her face illuminated with the glow of a contented lover.

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