Curvy girl enjoying a sensual massage

As she lay on the table, the curvy girl enjoyed the feeling of her skin being massaged by the strong, warm palms of her masseur. He moved the oils up and down her body, working out the aches and knots of the last few days with his long, sensual strokes. The girl closed her eyes and let her mind wander as the masseur worked his magic. She felt a tingle pass through her body each time he ran his hands over her voluptuous curves, igniting a passion within her that had been dormant for some time. He caressed her skin, slowly but deliberately concentrating on erogenous zones around her body. His soft touch filled her with a deep pleasure and she found her arousal increasing with each passing moment. The sensations filled her with a tantalising pleasure and she surrendered into the massage, letting her body sink into the table and its tender embrace as the masseur explored her body with his hands. When he was done, she thanked him and left, feeling a lingering warmth on her skin and a deep satisfaction in her heart.

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