Curvy BBW getting fingered and licked by man

He began tracing curves along her body, lightly brushing across her curves. She felt his hands set her skin ablaze, sending rippling sensations through her body. His hands traveled towards her center and his fingers gradually began to enter her. She let out a deep moan of pleasure as he worked her body with quick and gentle fingertips. She felt waves of excitement cresting through her as he brought his mouth to her and his tongue began to swirl and lap around her. Her body felt electrified and hot as his skillful tongue caressed her clitoris. Her arching body was making contact with the bed as her entire body responded to his touch. He went deeper and deeper, licking and teasing as her pleasure grew to new heights. She was overcome by sensation, trembling with pleasure as his fingers and tongue leisurely explored her body. His mouth massaged her curves and fed her pleasure, sending her over into a state of euphoria that lingered even after he left. She curled into her dreams, dreaming of the pleasure that the curvy BBW had just felt.

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