Chubby housewife happily stimulating herself

Lucy was a chubby housewife with an appetite for pleasure. She had long dreamt of indulging in some self-stimulation to satisfy her curiosities about her own desires. As she put away the dishes after a long day, she finally gave herself permission to do just that. She lazily took off her clothes and laid on her bed. Her soft curves coursed along her body and she felt the warmth radiating from her skin. Lucy felt the first little wave of pleasure pulsing through her as she let go of her inhibitions and began exploring her femininity with her fingertips. The little puffs of pleasure built and flourished into intense sensual waves, consuming her. Her breaths deepened as she aroused herself further. She moaned with delight as her chubby body trembled with pleasure and her orgasm reached new heights. Lucy felt content and satisfied, keen for more self-stimulation in the future.

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