Chubby girls engage in passionate, sensuous lovemaking

Tessa and Leslie embraced one another passionately as they collapsed onto the soft bed. Tessa’s curves cushioned Leslie with every movement, their chubby bodies pressing deliciously against one another as they reveled in their sensuous lovemaking. Leslie could feel the extra layers of Tessa’s body, her rolls of flesh, pressing down on him with each passionate movement. Every bit of Tessa was fully alive and passionate in his pulsating embrace as Leslie felt himself being pulled by the high tide of pleasure from something he had never known before. He caressed her curves as Tessa shifted and moved to meet him. She let the chubbyness of her body make it’s own music, as each movement became more and more pleasing than the one before it. Tessa and Leslie lost themselves in a sea of sensual pleasure that refused to be contained.

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