Chubby girl sucking cock, lying in sensual pose

She had been wanting to try the act ever since she heard about it. She had seen women in movies and in magazines, effortlessly pleasure their partners with their voluptuous lips. She thought about how sexy it must feel and with that thought in mind, she reclined onto the bed in a sensual pose. She closed her eyes and parted her full lips. He was nervous at first, not sure if her small hands would be able to support the big cock. But as soon as his shaft slid between her chubby lips, he relaxed into the pleasure. She felt the warmth and the moisture of her mouth, and as his thrusts became more powerful, she matched his intensity. He seemed to be in a trance as she explored the fullness of her mouth, her cheeks slightly bulging and delighting his senses as she sucked him. His hands grabbed onto her hips for support with every thrust, as the tension in the room rose to a peak and she was sure they'd burst. He then pulled her closer to him, claiming her mouth and pushing hisbelt beyond. She lay there in bliss at the warm sensations, chubby girl and proud of her accomplishment.

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