Chubby girl posing and smiling seductively

Stacey gazed at herself in the mirror, loving the curves that her tall, chubby frame possessed. She was wearing her favourite lingerie set; it hugged her curves and clung to her body like second skin. Her eyes sparkled with self-confidence, a far cry from the insecure girl she used to be. Taking the remote, she switched on the camera and struck a sultry pose. She focused the lens on her curves as her chubby body moved seductively. The camera caught every angle and Stacey delighted in the sensations it brought out of her body. She struck another pose, this time arching her back and tilting her head to one side. She flashed a suggestive smile; she was enjoying herself, these seductive moments were hers and hers alone. Stacey posed and smiled her way through the session, mesmerised by the way the lingerie clung to her body, hugger her chubbiness in all the right areas. She knew she looked incredible, and her confidence grew with each smile.

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