Chubby girl passionately performing oral sex

Rachel was embarrassed by her plump figure; she felt too chubby to be attractive to anyone. But while she lacked confidence in her body, she was not lacking in enthusiasm. So, when the opportunity came up to give oral sex to her latest lover, Rachel leapt at the chance. Throwing herself passionately into the task, she used her soft, chubby lips and tongue to explore her lover’s body. She let her hands roam and caress his body too, savouring every moment. Although she felt self-conscious, the pleasure she felt in pleasing her partner overshadowed any discomfort. The intensity built until her lover could no longer contain himself and, with a deep groan of pleasure, Rachel felt his ejaculation fill her chubby cheeks. The experience was exhilarating, and Rachel felt a newfound sense of confidence in her body. Whatever anyone thought of her weight didn't matter anymore; Rachel was in control of her own pleasure.

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