Chubby girl enjoying sensual solo pleasure

Debbie was a chubby girl, and she loved her beautiful curves. She was always timid with men, a little shy about her body. But tonight she felt daring. With a naughty smile, she peered through her bedroom door to make sure her family was fast asleep. Revelling in her privacy, she undressed and lifted her body into bed. Her fingers explored her softness, and as her sensual pleasure increased she blushed at the thought of someone else exploring her. She imagined how it would feel to be touched, teased and adored by another. She let these thoughts wash over her as the pleasure intensified, spreading through her body until it overwhelmed her. She gasped and tensed beneath her own exploring fingers as she embraced the moment, feeling each sensation washing over her. Debbie smiled to herself, reveling in her own sensual solo pleasure.

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